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Personal Chef’s provide a personalize gourmet experience at your private home, office or estate. Our personal chef’s are available for part-time, full time and live in positions.  Gastronomic experiences occur every day, so it is ideal that they be timelines and fulfilling. Our amazing Chefs come from a rigorous background in hospitality. Food preparation will be tailored to the taste, preference and schedule of the client. Qualifying personnel will have experience with diverse types of cuisine. Additional consideration will be giving to applicants with experience in nutrition management. There will be an expectation to appeal to the client’s preferred taste and maintain awareness of allergies. Nutritional standards should be considered on behalf of the client to provide a healthy balance to complement taste. Candidates will respect the preferences of the client while also making recommendations and selections on behalf of the client. Under specific instructions, procurement of supplies and groceries may be conduct by the specialist. 

HMN: The Gastronomic Experience

Are you hosting a dinner or event party and your guests have dietary restrictions? Food does not only provide basic nourishment but it is also a breaking point in developing new friendships, starting conversations, entertainment, excitement and social status. Investing in special night with friends and family by hiring one of our amazing private chefs allow you to fully enjoy a tailored menu based on your needs while you play your role as a “host”.


Leave everything to the House Managers Network as we match unique values, philosophies and lifestyles when selecting domestic staff. Currently, we offer event, part- and full-time candidates for your dietary and culinary needs. 


Why is hiring a private chef worth it? Because you get to spend time enjoying your guests and party without the worry and running around getting drinks, serving or cleaning up! Your job is to be the perfect host for your guest and let our private chefs prepare and serve your meal and wow your guests!


Celebrations of a special occasion are the number one reason you might consider hiring a private chef. A special date or dinner party, bachelorette, birthday and every imaginable celebration you can imagine can be designed by our top #chef professionals ensuring no detail is left behind. With a custom-made menu tailored to you and your guest needs the House Managers Network will ensure your event is an unforgivable one. 


Our weekly private chef experience, in the comfort of your home is available in the New Jersey area including: Hudson, Union and Bergen Counties. This service features a weekly menu prepared by one of our amazing chefs and approved by you beforehand. Our chef’s will develop a menu depending on your requirements and and restrictions, procure all the food, prepare the meal in the comfort of your own home, package and clean up their work area before departing. Our chefs will also leave detailed reheating instructions for easy consumption. This personal chef weekly meal service starts at $299.00* weekly. Please contact us below for a weekly sample menu. 

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