House Managers Network

Salary Guidelines


Hiring private household professionals such as nanny’s, housekeepers, household and estate managers or even private chefs is considered a privilege and is classified as a luxury service.

The cost of employing an entry level private service professional starts at about 50K+ a year plus a benefits and vacation package depending on experience and expertise in areas such as NYC, NJ, FL, CA and Puerto Rico.

Because this is an exclusive service for high-net-worth families and individuals’ proper compensation and benefits package will ensure your staff is with you for years to come. 

The House Managers Network aids in choosing the best compensation package for your staff based on trends, location, and analysis of salary trends in each area.

Because we represent the best of private domestic service professionals, we cannot offer a full package service for salaries and benefit packages under 50K per annum.

Experience, education, location and job description play a major part in the employee salary. Below are guidelines for the year 2021/2022 national average in gross earnings for private domestic employees. You can use these guidelines in establishing your employee expenses when hiring an individual.

Nannies: Working a full-time schedule one can expect to earn anywhere between $55,000 to 75,000+ annually with a benefits package. Part time nannies usually earn $25 to $30+ per hour.

Executive Housekeepers/Head Housekeeper: Working a full-time schedule one can expect to earn anywhere between $60,000 to $75,000+ annually with a benefits package. Part time Executive Housekeepers usually earn $35+ per hour.

Household Managers/Personal Assistants/Family Assistants: Full time earnings are estimated at $95,000 to $110,000+ annually with a benefits package. Part time HM/PA/FA can expect to earn $45+ to $65 per hour+.

Estate Managers, Chief of Staff, and Property Caretakers: Expect to earn between $150,000K to $250,000+ a year plus housing and benefits.

Houseman/Butlers/Lady’s Maid: Positions with these titles can expect to earn a salary of $75,000 to $150,000+ per year plus benefits.

Please advise that these salary guidelines are estimates across the nation for given positions. Your advisor will help you determine your needs and budget.