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Dear Network,

After 20 years of working in the private domestic sector, holding every title imaginable and providing some of the greatest families in the metropolitan area with assistance, I began to reconsider my career choices. As I paused and reflected on my current position, I began to wonder. What is it that I truly love about my job? It sure wasn’t the titles or materialistic aspects that came with it. My train of thought brought me to the realization that what I really love to do is help others. 

How humbling and beautiful it is to receive a thank you card or note from a child or family whose life I touched. Those tears from a nanny whose application kept on being denied by every agency they applied to simply because of their personal status and with kindness and perseverance I was able to help this person secure a great role regardless of internal resistance.

All my collogues and friends who celebrated with me when they got their promotion because I mentored and coached them to fulfill their aspirations. So many similar situations flash between my eyes and fill my heart with gratitude and strength.


My two decades of leadership experience in the private sector and a passion for the Human Resource field gave me the opportunity to work with diverse background and cultures where I enjoy the strategic and operational aspects of recruitment and private placement services. But what really made my heart beat are those areas where I can feel and see the positive impact I made on people and families.

It hits home, as we all derive our energy and gratification of different things in life. I get mine from being a part of people’s stories and making a meaningful difference in their life.

I’m so proud and excited to introduce the House Managers Network or HMN a premiere private service placement agency and to leverage my knowledge, experience, and inner strength to reach out to a wider audience and connect our network of professional private talent and families in New Jersey, New York, Florida, California and the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

I’m here to help you make choices to transform your life’s journey and at the same time follow my passion and what truly resonates with me and my values.


Anna Podwysocka


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