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Childcare past the toddler age will be guided by a more curative education and mentorship of ethics and sensibility. Molding the child’s understanding of manners and behavior is an extended role in addition to general care services. There may be a collaboration with a nanny or the latter’s responsibilities will be incorporated into the role, with special consideration to the developmental needs of the child. The role has a special emphasis on learning opportunities for the child. Specialized topics of education will also be incorporated into the holistic learning curriculum for the child. Second language acquisition, grammar, geography and arts are some of the special topics expected, in conjunction with a core focus on manners and behaviors.

Education is an essential aspect of success in life, and we call upon the most personable, skilled educators to provide private class, enrichment and curriculum for our clients. Past educational experience is a must, preferably in small-classroom settings. Content topics may be guided by state and national curriculum and teachers are expected to design a personalized learning plan for the student based on their needs and capabilities. Learning progress should prepare the student for their major milestone examinations and support their external learning content in some cases. Science, mathematics, art, music, literature, technology and civics are some of the expected concepts topics integrated into the teaching material by our teachers.

Enrichment and improvement are the keys to learning effectively and this is the goal of the private tutor. Whether teaching the student direct content or study techniques, the objective is to make subjects easier to comprehend. Developing assessment criteria for measuring the learner’s progress is expected, such as pre and post test. Subject materials will reflect the learner’s grade level and curriculum requirements. Topics may vary between mathematics, science, arts, literature, grammar, language and beyond. Many clients will specify a single subject focus. The candidate can develop learning materials to be completed for student enrichment in order to produce learning artifacts of present to the client to monitor progress.

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