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HMN Presents: Communication with children or when to use loud and quiet Voices

  1. When to use loud and quiet voices
What voice and tone should we use when speaking to a child?
Parenting can put even the calmest person to the test. Every caretaker of a child knows that upbringing is a wonderful, but a very bumpy road. Sometimes parents wonder if their nearby messages are getting through to their kids, or even why they aren't getting through. it turns out that it is extremely important not only what we say, but also how we say it. Our voice and the tone you use matters a lot.
How to talk to a child?
Every caregiver of every child has followed this from the little one learning to do things (for example, communicating with watching), and we even noticed a disregard that children really can't understand many things. Therefore, as their guardians who have to help, how to explain the world to them and how they will act in it. But how to talk to a child? What kind of voice and tone do you need to talk to a toddler for a few years for our words to reach him?

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