House Managers Network

A La Carte Services & Programs

Temporary - Vacation Assistance

The House Manager’s Network offers travel and temporary nannies, housekeepers and chefs for your needs.

Property Management

If you are an owner of a rental property, The House Manager’s Network offers on call household/estate managers and maintenance services to prepare the property for your arrival.

Private Candidate Training

Hands on specialized training of household/estate staff (nanny, housekeeper, house/estate manager, personal assistant, ect.) in order to facilitate a harmonious flow of household duties and procedures.

Home System & Housekeeping Maintenance Manuals

Household and Estate Manuals designed for the seamless operation of your home. Schedules, protocols, standards, inventory, budget and vendor directories are some of the focus points in developing an efficient household manual. The House Manager’s Network works hand in hand with you to develop this standard of living.

Employee Handbooks

Personalized handbooks of general policies which govern the standards of behavior for employees.

Communication Assistance & Mediation

Assistance in conflict and resolution, mediation in letting an employee go and negotiation

Payroll and Insurance

Assistance is setting up Direct Deposit & Insurance for private household and estate employees.

Candidate Screening

National Criminal Background Report, Social Security Name Match Report, Driving History Report, Sex Offender Check, Address History, Employment History, Reference Checking