House Managers Network

Hiring Requirements And Process

Thank you for your interest in joining the House Manager’s Network the premier boutique referral agency which connects prominent individuals and families with people just like you.

Our hiring process and simple and transparent and most importantly convenient. The hiring process starts with a simple 60-second statement explaining why you are a perfect fit for the position you are applying for. You should prepare this recording in a distraction clear space and dress business casual in your video. This video statement should be made into a post to your Instagram Account or Facebook accounts and you should tag us in it! Our IG link is:  House Managers Network Instagram and our Facebook page at House Managers Facebook. If we feel you have the magic, the House Manager’s Network will contact you within three business days with the next steps.

You can also provide us with your standard resume, cover letters, award and classes you mastered as well as any and all portfolios you have available by email: info@housemanagersnetwork.com

The turnaround for a placement takes anywhere from two weeks to six weeks and up to eight weeks for placements located in Puerto Rico

The House Manager’s Network allows for a one-week’s trial period that is not to exceed 5 consecutive working days during in which the placement fee is waived. Once the trial period is complete and the client presents an employment offer which the potential candidate accepts, the final placement fee is due and must be paid in full prior to candidate’s date of hire. Furthermore, during the trial period client is required to pay for the agreed trial wage. The domestic employer or client is responsible to pay his salary separate from the required agency fee.

Our service areas currently include NYC, NY, FL, CA and Puerto Rico