House Managers Network

Giving Back

The House Manger’s Network is proud to support families and individuals all over the world, but we hold ourselves to a higher moral value by supporting non-profit organizations who truly need our help. We give 10% of our net profits to charities and non-profit organizations who systematically prove that they are making a difference in people’s lives. Furthermore, our staff takes full initiative to volunteer at non-profit organizations through Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. We are currently working on developing a computer lab in a small European town of Wegliniec, Poland which would give the city their first access to a public computer school. The House Manager’s Network hopes the children as well as the elderly have the ability to learn the use of internet or even gain skills such as typing and research. It is our moral duty to bless the ones that have less as the world belongs to us all, so be the reason someone smiles today.