House Managers Network

Application For Private Domestic Staff

Overall, this form should be used to fill out for a general position of private domestic staff.

Altogether, thank you for your interest in joining the House Manager’s Network. Specifically, If you are interested in becoming a private domestic employee you should fill this form out. Please follow all instructions for a successful submission. 

Certainly, please do not contact our office for updates on resume. I can assure you, if a position matches your resume we will reach out to you. 

Application for Employment:

    We keep all application on file and encourage candidates to update their information when needed.

    For a successful submission you will need:
    • A professional résumé with dates of employment
    • Three-year minimum professional domestic experience for the position you are seeking
    • Verifiable work references with valid phone numbers and a submitted reference form
    • Clear knowledge and understanding of the English language
    • Proof of ability to work within the United States